The US is a big country that was colonized and settled by countless different types of people from countless different backgrounds. Many big cities across the continent were initially settled by small groups of people moving from the opposite side of the states. Many small communities were started by single…

“The Spinning Room Lady”

Frau Perchta may be one of the oldest supernatural entities associated with the Winter holidays, possibly influencing later stories of Krampus, St. Nicholas, and the traditions associated with them. This has been debated among scholars of folklore however, as some sources claim that she has been mentioned in regions of…

Loch Ness was an isolated lake, not easily accessed by travelers until recently. The lake lies along a geographic line between the old Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. Loch Ness is a fairly large body of water, about 24 miles long and over 600 feet deep. Before it was probed…

Some historians have argued that different cultures and societies can coexist peacefully, and without ongoing conflict. This is why some believe that the Civil War was caused by a “blundering generation,” or by a generation of people and politicians acting irresponsibly, rather than by an irreconcilable conflict. Although there may…

I watched again. I watched as the sun went down.
And even knowing better, I let it happen.
I let it happen again.

Like every soiled mattress.
Caked in whatever your god finds precious.
Like every torn fiber.
By means both lovely and heinous.

Every mother’s eyes close for the…

Yamuna Hrodvitnir

History degree, freelance writer, novice metal worker and mechanic, adventure and horror enthusiast.

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